About Us

Justine Shelley

Co-Founder MFacts121™, Number Intervention Specialist


Justine Shelley is an experienced Primary Classroom Teacher, who has held various Leadership roles at her schools.

Justine is a trained Number Intervention Specialist and an experienced School Maths Leader. She has a special interest in working with students with maths learning difficulties and has undertaken additional training on Specific Learning Difficulties, such as dyscalculia. She is currently studying her Masters in Educational Leadership; Mathematics.

Through her experience in schools and as a private tutor, Justine has learned what works best when helping students gain the essential skills in maths.

As a Classroom Teacher and Maths Leader, she saw a need to teach the multiplication facts in a more thorough and meaningful way, and set about thinking of effective ways to do so.

Justine has gathered up her ideas about multiplication, to help create the MFacts121™ resource for schools and parents.

Nat Bierman

Co-Founder MFacts121™


Natalie Bierman is a passionate classroom teacher, with many years experience in the Primary School setting.

She has a creative streak and has held roles as Visual Arts Leader as well as staging performances and productions at her school.

After moving from her Prep role, up to a Year 4 class, she began experimenting with new ways to teach the multiplication facts. Natalie found that a strategies-based approach fitted well with her teaching philosophy and her students benefited greatly. She loved seeing the way the students explained their strategies.

Natalie’s creative flair inspired her to be part of the MFacts121™ partnership.

She has specialised in designing a resource that is simple and clear for teachers, like her, to use.