Do your students REALLY know their multiplication facts?


Multiplicative thinking and fluency is vital for success in middle years Mathematics and onwards.

Help them learn the 121 basic multiplication facts using a meaningful approach.

– Animated classroom-friendly videos with 13 examples of effective multiplication strategies

– Printable lesson plans, games and resources

– Online assessment tool to track student progress with ease


– Builds mental strategies and is more than just ‘drill and practice’ or memorisation

– Ready to use units of work

– Minimal preparation… everything you need is here!

– 121 multiplication facts (up to 10 X 10) divided into FOUR achievable levels – no longer in ‘tables’ format

– Encourages making connections and builds number sense

– Flipped Learning possibilities- ask your students to view the strategy videos

– Individual logins for students in Middle Primary to Junior Secondary

Everything you need is packaged up on the Mfacts121 site, in an easy to use format.

Start integrating the ideas into your classroom practice today!

Mfacts121 Pricing Information