Do your students really know their multiplication facts?

Help them learn the 121 basic multiplication facts using a meaningful approach. 

  • Animated classroom-friendly videos with 13 examples of effective multiplication strategies
  • Printable lesson plans, games and resources
  • Online assessment tool to track student progress with ease
  • Builds mental strategies and is more than just ‘drill and practice’ or memorisation
  • Ready to use units of work
  • Minimal preparation... everything you need is here!
  • 121 multiplication facts (up to 10 X 10) divided into FOUR achievable levels - no longer in ‘tables’ format
  • Encourages making connections and builds number sense
  • Flipped Learning possibilities- ask your students to view the strategy videos
  • Individual logins for students in Middle Primary to Junior Secondary

Everything you need is packaged up on the Mfacts121™ site, in an easy to use format.

Start integrating the ideas into your classroom practice today!

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