“I just want to thank you for such an awesome resource.You have made teaching multiplication so easy and the children are really understanding where I am going”
Vernitta, teacher, New Zealand.
“Mfacts121 is just so user-friendly! I can see what each student needs and they can work at their own level!”
Amanda, Title I Math Teacher, Gobles Elementary School
Michigan, USA
“I used all of the unit planner for our unit on multiplication. The strategy videos were a great lead-in to the lessons. The ideas on using arrays were very helpful. This is a powerful gem of a resource!”
Andrea Jennings (Teacher) St Patrick’s, Geelong West
“Division used to be the hardest. Now that I’ve done so much on multiplication, division comes easily and it’s one of my best areas.”
Sarah (Student) Year 6
“I think Mfacts really helps you with your strategies and it makes multiplication much easier!”
Emily (Student) Year 3
“The 4’s and 5’s are using it regularly and finding it to be very valuable. We have incorporated a lot of the teaching ideas into the year 5’s multiplication planners and they have found them incredibly useful. It’s a great resource!! You’ve both done incredibly well with it. Thanks so much”
Rhiannon, Maths Leader, St Louis De Montfort,
Victoria, Australia
“We are very excited to be on board with Mfacts 121 again this year. It truly is an amazing program and the students are always excited to be using it and learning their multiplication facts in a fun and engaging way.”
Cecilia, Numeracy Leader, St Olivers Pacsoe Vale.
“We are flying along with Mfacts!!! So many teachers are telling me that the children are asking if they can do Mfacts in their spare time!! How good is that?”
Jaki (Maths Leader) St Oliver’s, Pascoe vale
“I love your resource! I have a huge spread in my class and my lowest and my highest attainers both like doing Mfacts. Plus, you are super helpful!’
Kate, East Bentleigh Primary School, Vic.
“We absolutely love the program, we’ve found it so easy to implement and sustain and love that it keeps the kids engaged in their learning!”
Kylie, Mathematics Coach & Number Intervention Specialist, Stella Maris, Point Cook.
“What a difference this program has made to our learners! The increase in fluency and flow on effect in confidence has been noted by teachers and parents alike!”
Kate, East Bentleigh Primary School, Vic.
“Mfacts121 has been wonderful for building my daughter’s confidence in Maths and given her the skills she needs to apply to problem solving.”
Jaqui, (Parent) Year 5 Student